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About CBS Broadcast Center 


  • The CBS Broadcast Center, located at the northern edge of the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan, is an 800,000 square foot world class television production facility that includes column-free studios ranging in size from 3200 square feet to 8256 square feet, each with a dedicated control room.  The facility opened as a CBS Production Center in August 1964 after moving from the Grand Central Terminal Building and other locations throughout Manhattan. CBS bought the property from Sheffield Farms, a commercial dairy in 1952 and . Milk was bottled and trucked to retail locations using train tracks which are still located in the sub-basements of the building.  
  • Much of the early production was News driven with anchors such as Walter Cronkite, who was the CBS Evening News anchorman for 19 years.  Since then, it has been the production home for live news and sports programming, soap operas, sitcoms, prime time dramatic presentations, talk shows, court themed shows, and children’s programming.  Today, the CBS Broadcast Center is the home for CBS News Streaming programing, CBS Sports and Sports Network WCBS-TV and several other corporate and third-party productions.  It is also the distribution center for the CBS Television Network.  
  • The campus also contains additional support spaces such as a scenic design area, audience holding areas, dressing rooms, wardrobe storage and prep rooms, multi-station make-up and hair rooms, a multipurpose rehearsal space, 24-hour per day national/international distribution and commercial integration facility, a commissary, and on-site production office space. We are the only television production facility in New York that is truly full-service, able to provide assistance with set design, installation, lighting, propping, production, post-production and distribution.
  • At the CBS Broadcast Center, we are dedicated to providing the finest production services available anywhere. Our culture is built upon years of experience with extremely high-level live television production. Since we are an organization designed to meet the needs of live production, we have very little tolerance for error. This commitment to excellence carries over to taped productions as well. We treat every production is if it was live.